Uploadgram— Terms of Service

Last updated: Jan 14 2022

Terms of Service

Uploadgram reserves the right to remove any files that compromise the security of the server or otherwise abusing the system. Users must agree to comply with all laws which apply to their location, including but not limited to copyright and trademark laws.

It is thereby forbidden to:

  1. upload pornography, nudity, sexual images or any kind of offensive images and videos.
  2. upload material that promotes violence.
  3. upload copyrighted material
  4. upload malware
  5. scam users using the Service in any way.

We reserve the right to delete every kind of material that violates these terms, and the uploader might be banned as a consequence.
Deletion of content might be requested via [email protected] or via Telegram (@Pato05)

Uploadgram is not liable for any loss of your files that may occur and assumes no liability for lost or corrupt links. It is the user's responsibility to keep track of this information.

Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

We use Cloudflare to provide our services, Cloudflare might inject cookies (more information available at https://developers.cloudflare.com/fundamentals/get-started/cloudflare-cookies)

Legal Policy

These Terms of Service are subject to change without prior warning. By using Uploadgram, user agrees not to involve Uploadgram in any type of legal action. Uploadgram directs full legal responsibility of the contents of the files that are uploaded to Uploadgram to individual users, and will cooperate with copyright owners and law enforcement entities in the case that uploaded files are deemed to be in violation of these Terms of Service.

All files are copyrighted to their respective owners. Uploadgram is not responsible for the content of any uploaded files, nor is it in affiliation with any entities that may be represented in the uploaded files.

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